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Its simple selling property with a licensed real estate agent has many benefits. The should I use and agent vs why should I use an agent has been a question that many people have asked themselves. As real estate mortgage brokers the answer is clear. Long gone are the days when you could sell a house “as-is” with little to now paperwork and not have a slight since in the back of your mind that what if the buyer…? Today there exist many complex seller / buyer relations that should transpire to protect both parties and a real estate agent can help you navigate the sell giving you added peace of mind that things are done properly.


Understanding the Documents

Selling a piece of real property in California comes with a lot of documents starting with the Seller Questionnaire, Real Estate Transfer Disclosure, Agency Disclosure etc. The key word in most forms is the Disclosure. Knowing of certain issues with the property called material facts are not optional things a seller can choose not to inform the buyer of prior to making the sell. Are there exceptions to this of course but they are rare. In California most agents use standard forms created by the legal team that address state and federal mandates. These forms are designed to protect all parties to a transaction whether you are the buyer, seller, agent, or an affiliate.



Interview your Potential Agent

Seller and buyer agents have a fiduciary duty to do what is right and trust that the agent has your best interest in mind when conduction business on your behalf. Its great to get to know your agent so that they can help facilitate your request. You can also look up a licensee on the Department of Real Estate government website. 



Committing to Sell with an Agent

Once you sign the type of agency you want to enter into with an agent it is time to roll up your sleeves and prepare your property for sell. Prior to your agent creating a listing and marketing your property you should want to address issues and communicate with your agent on the do’s and don’t off showing. Then aside from pricing it right make sure you prep the property to sell.


Prepping a Property for Sell


  • Number one issue is personal clutter – start packing leaving only clearly defined spaces.
  • Work on the curb appeal – 1st things buyers see.
  • Neutralize any sells 
  • Fix any necessary issues that may prevent your property from selling 


Buyers shop with their senses first! Make sure your home is welcoming to a wide rage of buyers. 

BY Cynthia – Agent


Reviewing Offers

Once the property is listed on the market and offers come in it is time to review all offers and decide which offer is the best and most likely to close.

A lot transpires between accepting an offer and closing. This is where working with an agent has added value. Career real estate agents guide and explain the process to their clients so that they make educated decisions throughout the process. They assist and resolving issues that may arise as a result of an inspection or a buyer / buyers agent wanting to make adjustments to the contract after it has been negotiated and executed. The work with all parties to move the process along and help meet benchmarks. 


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